Wednesday, March 19th, 2014.

Ellen Jaffe Jones spent 18 years in television news as an investigative reporter and anchor and eaten a vegan diet for most of the past 32 years. She has won the highest awards in broadcasting, including two Emmys and 1st Place for the National Press Club’s Consumer Reporting Award. After leaving television, she earned high returns for her clients as a financial consultant at Smith Barney, where she was dedicated to socially responsible investing. She is a certified personal trainer and running coach. After a New York Times reporter wrote how her marathon time improved greatly after vegan coaching from Ellen, Ellen now coaches clients all over the globe in vegan and athletic pursuits via Skype and Facetime.

As the only healthy person in her immediate family, Ellen’s passion is helping others avoid the pain and suffering she’s witnessed since early childhood. Her mother, aunt, and both sisters had breast cancer. After nearly dying from a colon blockage at age twenty-eight, Ellen was told by her doctors that she needed to do things differently to avoid her family’s fate.

Ellen is currently 3rd in State (FL) in the 200, 400 and 1500 meters, 4th in State in the 100 meters. Finishing in the top 4 in her age group qualifies her to compete in the National Senior Games in Cleveland in July ’13. Her 100 meter times are :06 slower than NCAA girls’ personal records listed in the 2012 University of Southern California Track & Field Media Guide.

Ellen often places in 5K running races or longer (52 since 2006) and ran her first marathon at age fifty-eight, in 2010. She was the 5th oldest female to finish. The publisher of Running Journal says it is unusual for anyone with Ellen’s sprint times to be able to complete a marathon. Recently Ellen placed 1st in her age group in a 5K race in Bradenton, FL, then 6th in age group the next day in a half marathon…just to show you get plenty of calories, energy, calcium, protein and anything else you need to do all this.

Check out Ellen’s website: www.vegcoach.com

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