Friday, March 21st, 2014.

Hi, I’m Kris Holechek Peters and I am the author of six cookbooks. I am a vegan bak­ing fool cur­rently resid­ing in St. Paul, MN.   When I’m not bak­ing, I’m read­ing, prac­tic­ing yoga, writ­ing or spend­ing time with my fam­ily. Things I like include: peanut but­ter and choco­late, kit­ten tum­mies and British tele­vi­sion.

I have been bak­ing since the first moment I was allowed into the kitchen. My great-grandmother and my aunt were my foodie role mod­els grow­ing up and I learned count­less lessons from them in the kitchen, both in rela­tion­ship to the prepa­ra­tion of food and about food as com­mu­nion. Our fam­ily life revolved around some­one put­ter­ing around in the kitchen while every­one else sat around, chat­ting, laugh­ing and sam­pling the cook’s inventions.

I believe in the impor­tance of food to both fam­ily and cul­ture, which is why cre­at­ing mind-blowing vegan cui­sine, specif­i­cally bak­ing, has been so impor­tant to me. When we sit down with oth­ers and share food, a bond is formed. And if that food is lack­lus­ter, well, that’s just down­right sad. Amaz­ing vegan food is not only pos­si­ble, it’s easy! Deli­cious food trans­forms skep­tics from think­ing, “Vegan cook­ies? Yuck, what’s in those? That’s gross.” to “Heck, these are great! What else you got?”

I believe that no lifestyle or food intol­er­ance should keep peo­ple from hav­ing famil­iar treats nor should it keep them from shar­ing their treats with those around them. My end goal is to make things deli­cious, from scratch, and so authen­tic that no one can tell it’s “dif­fer­ent”. How­ever, mixed in there are plenty of healthy baked goods and reg­u­lar foods to tie you over until the next spe­cial occa­sion when you bust out all of the fat and sugar.

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