Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Dustin is a pharmacist who prefers plants to pills. His transformation began in February 2009 with a routine visit to his podiatrist. The more he researched plant-based nutrition, the more he saw its accuracy shining through in his experiences. First, there were all the devastating chronic diseases that his family suffered with from their meat, dairy, and egg diet. Dustin himself, although young and relatively healthy, had migraine headaches and weighed about 10 pounds more than he wanted to. Second, he though about his patients, and how they don’t get better from drugs. They just come back for more medications. Its took Dustin about a year to become completely plant based. Dustin now enjoys a whole foods, plant-based diet with vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains, and nuts. He’s lost the weight, headaches, and chance of disease. He is the author of : The Empty Medicine Cabinet: The Pharmacist’s Guide to theHidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Powers of Food. Check out his blog: http://www.pursueahealthyyou.blogspot.com/or website: http://www.PursueAHealthyYou.com for useful information.