Thursday, September 5th, 2013.

Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer met (over email, anyway) in 2006, when, at the recommendation of two mutual friends, Jasmin interviewed Mariann for an article she was writing — an article for which Mariann’s brilliant quote would later wind up on the cutting room floor. In 2007, they met again, this time at the NYC gay center, where Jasmin was attending a meeting about anti foie gras activism. Turns out there was a “pre-show” to the activist meeting, in which Mariann was being honored for her work helping to set set up the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals — a coalition of animal rescue organizations. Jasmin introduced herself to Mariann. Mariann later remembered being slightly perplexed by the number of barrettes in Jasmin’s hair. A few months later, their mutual friends were getting married to each other, and Mariann and Jasmin found themselves assigned the task of putting little fair-trade dark chocolates (vegan, of course) into dryer sheets (or something like that) as party favors. As they were tying the little chalky white papers, Mariann was shocked when, just as she was about to say, “We’re all connected in ways we don’t understand,” Jasmin started singing an old phone company jingle from the 1980′s — “We’re all connected,” it went. A few weeks later, Jasmin and Mariann went to the movies together. They saw “Year of the Dog,” and wept copiously. Needless to say, that was many moons ago. Nowadays, Mariann and Jasmin (who, by the way, are now married) share their tiny Soho apartment with their glorious pit bull, Rose. Jasmin and Mariann spend their days making soup, thrifting, watching old musicals, and theorizing animal rights. Despite all odds, they were made for each other.

Check out their website: http://www.ourhenhouse.org/