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October 21st, 2015.

Dan’s lifelong understanding of living with obesity since childhood, illuminated the fact that sustained weight loss and seeking optimum health is a lifestyle adaptation and may require tools and support. Dan earned his Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University – T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and has been accredited and certified as an AFPA Wholistic Nutrition Consultant and certified Drugless Practitioner. Course of study includes: Ozone & Bio-Oxidative Therapy, Environmental Science, Gerson Therapy, Hippocrates Institute, School of Juicing Wellness, and Tree of Life Center Ayurveda & Raw Food treatment protocol. Dan is grateful for an opportunity to meet, educate and assist all ages (but with a focus on ‘baby-boomers’ like himself) who wish to take control of their own healthcare and subscribe to a sustainable, wholistic grass-roots lifestyle approach to recovered health — without the need for prescription drugs, surgical intervention, or invasive treatments.

Elisabeth (Betty) was educated at Tennessee Technological University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology – Magna cum Laude. She is also a licensed & certified Complete Health Improvement (CHIP) Facilitator and an accredited AFPA Wholistic Nutrition Counselor with additional certification as a Forks Over Knives Plan/Rouxbe Plants For Life Chef. Course of study includes: Lifestyle Science, Plant-Based Nutrition, Environmental Science & Geology, Animal Rights Activist.  Nutritional Science and Lifestyle medicine encompasses the natural world plant kingdom and when used as a strategic tool, reverses degenerative disease and eradicates food addictions. A complementary and health promoting Lifestyle transition is accomplished through education that empowers and encourages clients toward a more fervent concern for Wholistic self-preservation by embracing the kitchen to promote disease reversal and creating strategies to develop sustainable lifestyle choices.

As 22+ year alternative health researchers, alternative wellness advocates and PlantBased WholeFood nutritional consultants, Dan & Elisabeth are understanding and passionate about health-promoting strategies that provide sustainable options to help clients regain control of their lives and prevent or reverse chronic, degenerative diseases. They eagerly seek to help families slash healthcare and food costs, and reduce chronic illness by empowering individuals to live a health-promoting lifestyle to avoid degenerative dis-ease and the associated invasive, ineffective allopathic medical treatments.  Working closely with Inventors, Researchers, Quantum Physicists, Scientists, Engineers, Wholistic Healers, Herbalists, Naturopath’s, Homeopath’s, Chiropractor’s, Plant-based Physicians, Plant-based Clinicians, Community Outreach Advocacy and a whole range of alternative health & healing practitioners & Clinical Institutes, they honed their focus through the years.

With a concentration in Ozone & Oxygen Therapies, Dan mentored under Dr. William Turska N.D., N.M.D. and studied Bio-Oxidative Therapies with Dr. George Freibott and Dr. James Hutton. After partnering with his wife Elisabeth Rae in 1995, they found direction in Environmental & Health Technologies with a particular interest in Ozone Therapies to include: Indoor Environmental Air quality & Advanced multi-media Water Purification and Treatment Technologies. Dan & Elisabeth have toured together extensively throughout the United States and Canada Lecturing, teaching classes, hosting workshops, giving health talks or presenting equipment & products and/or, demonstrating wholistic health and environmental devices.  Both engaged in several radio talk shows and television interviews or presented as Key Note speakers, Educators, Lecturers, Health & Wellness Consultants, and Investigative Researchers.   Invention & development expanded with Brian David Anderson at the Hippocrates Institute with advancing ‘Polished Water’ (structuring and clustering of water molecules) and imbuing energetic frequencies to lower surface tension and improve hydration.  Additionally, the couple engaged in a collaborative effort to create and develop an experimental Hydro-therapeutic Spa Device to aid increased vitality, detoxification and improved well-being and further expanded their knowledge of Body Electrics, Ionization, Pulsed Magnetics, Bio-Ceramics, and evidence-based plantbased nutrition science related to disease reversal.

The epidemic health crisis, and overcoming their own personal struggle with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and debilitating osteo-arthritis disease, encouraged the couple to pursue Licensing, Accreditation and Certification in Wholistic Health & Wellness Consulting and Nutritional Plantbased Counseling with an emphasis for those struggling with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and food addictions and to convey a PlantBased WholeFoodist Lifestyle as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, surgery and prolific disease acceptance.  Both are service-oriented dedicated Volunteers at numerous Community Outreach programs combating food & health inequities, including Senior Nutrition, local Food Banks/Food Ministries, and P.O.W.W.O.W. Pop-up Farmer’s Market; in their spare time both are avid Desert Rockhounds & Prospecting enthusiasts and enjoy forays into their surrounding desert eco-system for fun in the sun relaxation, exercise and commune with nature.

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